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Why Drum Meditation?  For thousands of years, indigenous tribes across the globe have used shamanic drumming to transcend ordinary consciousness and aid in healing. A drum beat is used which has since been proven to synchronize the brain wave frequencies in the brain hemispheres, slowing them down to bring about deep relaxation. As a meditation tool, it works wonderfully because the human mind fixates on the monotonous drum beat pattern. When the mind fixates on the constant striking of the drum, the mind’s chattering stops and a profound state of peace results. It helps us to feel God’s presence in our hearts. It has certainly benefited me.

Drum Meditation Benefits
  • Lower stress
  • Lessened pain - 10%
  • Increased immunity
  • Better sleep
  • Lower blood pressure
Drum Meditation Services:  ​ By request, Cathy can come to your classroom, workplace, group or home to introduce you to this soothing form of meditation using one of her hand built frame drums.
“Like others, I often struggle to rein in my mind. The drumming meditation both offers a helpful anchor when I get distracted and seems to lessen the number and duration of those distractions. The rhythm and vibrations of the drumming offer a natural focal point and help take me out of mind and into my body. I am able to sit easily for the hour-long meditation, and leave feeling refreshed in my spirit and relaxed in my body.”

“The best meditative state I've achieved so far was through shamanic drumming. This meditation medium left me feeling relaxed and at peace. Because I have a hearing loss, guided meditations are difficult to hear, but the sound of the drum comes through clearly and the vibrations from the drum can be felt. I would highly recommend this method of meditation to anyone, especially if you have trouble quieting your mind. It's amazing!”
    ~ Patti
Cathy helps a college student to relax
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