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My name is Cathy Flinn and for years, I had seen my hands weaving in dreams. When I saw a floor loom for the very first time, I couldn’t take my eyes off the harnesses which held the yarns in the loom. There was a longing to become a part of that tapestry and it was hard to walk away.

I've been weaving for over eight years and weaving has become a part of my life. It is the epitome of all things good. What is weaving if not for the fibers which meet to form something beautiful when they come together? Perhaps that is why my heart and hands long to touch my loom: Weaving is the microcosm of the human connection.
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Cathy weaving a prayer shawl. Recipient's photo is on loom.
"Cathy Flinn has a true gift in her ability to weave; for her, this is a real passion. The scarf she made for me is a reminder of the care, love and creativity that I know she expresses through each of her woven works of art."
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